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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why this happen

Sometimes i feel childish, but sometime i'm not.
Sometimes i wun to be matured, but sometime i cant.
Is dat my fault? Y u always keep blaming me?
Napa bnd kecik di bsrkan?
Tak kn sume bnd berpunca dr aku.
Napa mst nmpk slh aku jerk.

I dun wun to argue wif u.
Org selalu ckp slh sowg mst mengalah bile gado.
Mengalah tue je la yg blh. But bila da ngalah, ttp mcm tue gak.

Wut can i say is
Im always wrong, but u never right.
Im sorry k! My sorry is sincere.
I rather to say sorry, than doing nothing.
Owg ta nk gado2 ag. Maybe owg pown ade slh gak.
But b4 dat owg da ckp "owg ta nk gado".
So hope u will understand.

p/s : im sorry k. i admit it. maybe its my fault too.


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