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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hangout wif my bestie

Today is a holiday n shopping day!!
Meet my bestie Nani n Lela.
Yang dtg dari ipoh.. Because nak amik projek..
But at last tak jd arinie.
So tomorrow is the day la.
Today hangout at TS.
Shopping sakan lagi la ari nie..
Aku, Nani, Lela & My Bf..
But today is different, all my shopping..
He choose for me..
So semua pilihan dia jerk. haha.
But ta shopping byk pown. sbb ta sempat.. huhu.
Maybe later la. haha. Arap ade suet ag la nk shopping.
Ada benda lagy yg tak beli. huhu.

.wif de xmas tree.

.wif this xmas tree again.
(gmbr joh sgt.. nk sgt nmpk full xmas tree)

.wif nani n lela.

.wif ma musyuk.
(nie nani take pic. geram toi.. tak nmpk sgt..huh!)

. wif them.
(dlm lif pown jd daa.)

For the hole day, im so happy.. Happy jumpa my bestie. At last terubat juga rindu.
And also thanks to my musyuk cos choose n give idea for my clothes. hehe.


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